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Ok I have to many people to say in memory of so I'm going to say.

People were thinking about now and forever.

Judy Y.Langley Feb 19 1941-1998,My Grandmother

Charles B.Langley Sr 1914-2001,My Grandfather

Jason Nathaniel Buchanan 1977-1999,My Brother

Alan Lee 1985-2003,A good friend and Car Club Member

Deserie Simons Nov 27 1982-2-15-1999,A Friend from E.P.H.S.

John Wingo Nov 10,1922-July 5,2003,A close neighbor.

Micheal Devon Landrum May 21 1983-July 5 2003,A friend Of a good friend of mine.

Louie Elton Welch Nov-7-1933-Nov-19-2005, My Uncle

Nick B. Frank 1991-2008 ,A close friends son.

God bless you all.


This is just a new part of my website where Ill post new stuff cause the front of my site was getting a lil over crowded

"Here the moon may 18th 2003@12:30am"

I went to Panama City FL. Steptember.19th-23rd 2003 Had a blast first time I had ever been to Fl.I went with some freinds It was cool.