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All About Nathan

...I Dedicate This

I dedicate this to my brother Jason Nathaniel Buchanan we all love you and miss you.

For those who do not know him he was killed In a terrible car Incident on April 20th 1999.

MAY 16 1977-April 20 1999.May You Rest In Peace

...This is Nathan and my friend Laura.

... For those who didn't know Nathan.

Nathan was born may 16,1977 he had all kinda friends and he was my very best friend my brother we did ever thing together and well when you love someone your not afraid to say It. I love Nathan and I miss him so much I think about him everyday of my life.

...The Night It Happened

Nathan came down asked if I wanted go meet some girls off of a chat line we talked on.I said no I had to go to work next day so he went on I told him I would see him the next day to have fun be careful I went to bed. I got up the next morning went to work came home I was in a great mood and came in the door mom dad looked funny I can always tell when something is wrong and well dad said sit down for a minute I said whats wrong and he said get something to drink and rest for a minute I said no Just Tell Me. So I sat down he said theres no easy way to say this.He said Nathan was killed early this morning I said NO he said I'm sorry but he was. If I wouldn't have been sitting I would have feel down I couldn't believe It. Then I thought about it I could have been with him too I started crying so much I couldn't believe what If I would have been with him would we both be dead or maybe if I would have been with him he still be alive but no I don't grieve on this cause God wanted him hes with his dad and hes happy I know he is and I just cant wait for the day I'm with him again In heaven cause thats my best friend and he's watching over me now and he knows I love him..

...So Your Asking What Happened..

He was on the way home from the girls house the truck hydroplaned went off the road hit a tree the tree caught the door and slung the whole truck around and slammed the driver side into a tree killed him right on site.


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