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This is all about my past,and present automobiles

Ok this is my very first car,truck,and van

Then the truck My grandfather got me

had a 94 dodge caravan for a week b-4 the trans went out so went back got the next one

Dont have a pic but had a gray 1991 Mazda B2200

This was my 7th automobile(After I wrecked the mazda on I-285)

this was #8

This was my 9th automobile(had this for 2 years and 3 months)

I never really drove this one I still had stang too Just had this one to fix up and sell

Finally traded the stang in for this 1999 ford ranger.

then I sold the Ranger to carmax and Now I drive a 96 blazer no pic sorry dont want everyone to know what it looks like.

Please check out the links below to check out more pics of my automobiles thanks

  • My Mustang(no longer have)
  • Car Show pics of 2002
  • My ssm site
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