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About Me

A little about me (Updated Dec. 5th 2009)

I'm 30 years old I'm from Paulding County Ga born and raised yes I'm a redneck btw But now I live in Buchanan Ga after 29 and half years in paulding county. My birthday is November 26th 1979. I was born in Cobb General Hospital I am the only child.
My Parents just got a new house in Buchanan thats in Halrason County ga. It is really nice out there, I love my Mom more then anything I don't know what I would do with out her my father we fuss every once in a while but I guess I love him too we just get on each others nerves a lot.

My Hobbies

My hobbies right now flying R/C airplanes. And got back into flying radio control Helicoptors in march 09 really enjoying them this time around. Spending time with my baby Aleshia is my other hobby weve been together a year and a month.

Other Hobbies

I also roller skate,and in the past I have fooled with R/C cars,trucks,boats yes I like remote control stuff me and my father does this stuff together when hes in the mood to do it it.It does cost a lot of money to do this and at this time I don't have any extra to spare.I also love guns and wanna get one I did have my gun license but it expired got to get it again.

My Likes & Dislikes

This is simple I like people who are who they say they are and don't have to lie and tell people lies to try to be cool and stuff just be honest with me and Ill be honest with you.Yes sometimes you cant be 100% honest but 99% of the time you can and should be.

What you don't know

I lost my grandmother on November 20th 1998 in a terrible accident(we buried her on my 18th birthday)and I miss her so so much she was my best friend,All my life she lived right next to me and I saw her everyday off my life just like my Papa she would do anything and everything for me and I miss her so much its been so hard with out her in my life I think about her all the time.

More About Me

I also lost my friend Deserie on February 15 1999. I went to school with her she was in my classes.Her and her boyfriend locker was right next to mine.Also her boyfriend was my friend. She was riding four wheelers on the day out of school for Presidents day up in New Hope GA and she was riding with a guy from school he was driving and well they pulled right out in front of a truck and the truck hit them and well they life flighted her to the hospital and well as soon as they got her there she had died.My girlfriend at time called me and told me when she found out.The Thursday before that I Totaled my truck I went off a 75 foot drop off straight down five of us in truck none of us was hurt but then four days later I lost my friend I still don't under stand life guess no one really does.We live and we die thats all I know.

I lost my grandfather February 10th 2001 in a house fire he lived right next to me and we woke up about 3:45am his whole house was on fire its ruff living my life all the people Ive lost all the people I lost I really loved and cared about people think its easy well its not and I still have nightmares bout that night.

I've also lost my uncle,and 3 close neighbors and my other grandparents(Moms parents)But I was never close to any of them My Moms mother passed when I was only in the 2nd grade and My Moms father past away in 2002 (I think)but I never was around either one of them they lived in Arab,Alabama.


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